Alla's Instant Retreat

From the world-renowned expert in holistic health comes



"Intelligent luxury is the time we set aside to nourish our needs rather than our wants", Alla

For the past decade, Alla Svirinskaya has made headlines around the world with the extraordinary power of her healing and her exotic bespoke retreats. Now she has created a pioneering audio retreat called "Alla’s Instant Retreat" for anyone to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

The stress of modern living is such that we often long for a break just to get back in touch with ourselves. So much so that we often spend a fortune on expensive pampering treatments, only to end up feeling very much the same. "Alla’s Instant Retreat" is different. Quicker, easier, cheaper, and less hassle than any stress-busting mini-break, it is a unique audio programme that combines powerful meditations with 3D sound, original music and expert guidance for unlocking the radiance within you.


In Alla’s own words, "Having come from a long line of healers it has always been clear to me that I should dedicate my life to helping others. My patients' need for a practical answer to life's everyday challenges has inspired me to develop a CD of the most effective meditations, each one selected for its power to deliver instant positive effects. Some people are surprised at how effective they are, but the word 'Meditation' actually comes from the Latin word 'Mediri' and means to heal."


Presented in an exquisite container which opens like a jewellery box, "Alla’s Instant
Retreat" is the ultimate personal gift that takes you on a three-step journey to reconnect with your inner spirit. In under an hour it helps you release feelings of calm and inner bliss, leaving you emotionally uplifted, enriched, radiant and renewed. As one of Alla's patients said after colleagues had commented on her newfound healthy radiance, "out with the super-expensive face creams, on with the headphones!"

"Alla’s Instant Retreat" uses cutting-edge recording technology. Malcolm McDonald, a
music and sound engineer from Victoria University, New Zealand has helped create a sound track for each meditation using scientifically-proven brain entrainment technology that balances the brain waves and takes the listener down to a meditative level usually reserved for gurus with many years experience. The sound effects, along with Alla's affirmations, are enhanced by 3D audio technology to enable your mind to benefit more deeply from your meditation.

"My background in orthodox medicine has helped me find the best fusion of medical science and traditional healing as the ultimate source of personal positive energy" says Alla

You can enjoy this CD as a whole programme for change or simply pick a meditation to suit your mood and needs.

£24.99 + P&P | Sent by first class recorded delivery.
Use earphones for 3D sound effects and maximum benefit.