The ultimate life-changing detox

The ultimate life-changing detox

In the second part of her series, energy healer Alla Svirinskaya shows you how to cleanse your body and soul of anger, resentment and guilt


Last month, I showed you how to prepare for a detox. This month, continue with the balanced diet, drink two litres of water a day, spend a few minutes a day dry skin brushing, and take three hot aromatherapy baths a week. We'll also be focusing on the colon, liver and kidneys. In Chinese medicine, each organ is linked to an emotion. The colon is affected by a fear of letting go of the past, the liver is linked to anger, and the kidneys to guilt. Along with recipes for removing toxins we'll be looking at meditations and exercises to balance your emotions.


Colon cleansing

The colon is the main organ responsible for ridding the body of impurities and waste.



Barn is rich in fibre, which cleanses the blood. Put 2 tbsp fine wheat bran in enough water to cover it, and leave to soak overnight. The next morning, add dried apricots, prunes, raisins, nuts and/or fine porridge oats, according to taste.


Mix three parts grated cabbage with one part each of carrot and beetroot. Dress with linseed oil and a little lemon juice, and add four or five prunes that you've soaked in water for two hours. Eat on its own or as part of lunch.

Before bed, take 1 tsp psyllium (plantain seed powder, found in health food stores), which sweeps away toxins. Stir into diluted fruit juice and drink immediately. Follow with a glass of water.



If someone has upset you, picture their face and imagine them smiling. Hold the image in your mind for one or two minutes. Mentally draw a pink circle of love around their head. Slowly break the circle and dissolve the image of their face. Try to feel your bonds with them disappearing, while being happy that you've pictured the person full of joy. Do this every day for a week.

If you're still in contact with this person, say to yourself: "You are forgiven. You are released."


Liver cleansing

The liver is the body's main filter, removing drugs, hormones and waste products from your blood. You'll be spending this week stimulating bile production to help wash out impurities.



Soak 1 cup of buckwheat in cold water for two to three hours. Strain, then add 3 cups of fresh water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave for a few minutes. Add a dash of oil of your choice but no salt.


Mix 250ml freshly squeezed lemon juice with 250ml still mineral water. Add 1 garlic clove, 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and 1 cm sliced ginger root. Liquidise and drink slowly before breakfast from the fourth to the seventh day of this week. 15 minutes later, drink a cup of peppermint tea.



Anger, resentment and frustration are all associated with the liver. To remove them, practice this exercise for up to 15 minutes every morning for a week.

  • Put a towel in a bowl of water. Sit on a chair with the bowl between your feet. Imagine the towel has turned a deep red colour (representing anger).
  • Breathing deeply, wring out the towel. As you do so, imagine you're wringing every bit of the red from the towel. Repeat as many times as you like.
  • Use the towel to dry your face in the mornings. Imagine it absorbing all your excess anger.


Kidney cleansing

Healthy kidneys expel excess salt, water and toxins. As well as skin brushing, take a daily hot bath any time between 5pm and 9pm with oils that support the kidneys, such as camomile and cedarwood.


Continue with a balanced diet, but eat less meat and avoid salt and honey. For the first three days, drink 1 litre mixed juice. Blend 10 parts carrot with 3 each of beetroot and cucumber, or blend 9 parts carrot with 5 parts celery and 2 parts parsley. On days four and seven, eat mainly watermelon and plain rye or wholemeal bread.



Guilt shows up in our energy field as the colour yellow, so repeat the towel-wringing exercise, using yellow instead of red.


By now your body should be working well and your intuition sharper. Return to your usual routine and continue with the exercises until it feels right to stop.

Next month I'll be looking at 'energy vampires', people who leave you feeling drained, and showing you how to protect your personal space.

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