The ultimate life-changing detox

The ultimate life-changing detox

In the third part of her series, energy healer Alla Svirinskaya explains how you can protect your aura from the negative energy of others


If you've been following my detox for the past two months, you should be feeling physically cleansed. This month we'll look at your aura and how to keep it positive. Our well-being is affected by exchanges of good or bad energy with others. Think about how down you feel after an argument, or how some people can leave you drained when you see them, like energy vampires! Even those with positive energy can weaken you if their own aura is too powerful. I'll show you how to recognise when your aura is being polluted and how you can prevent it.

How to protect your aura

During a heated argument with a friend, partner or colleague, both your auras expand and vibrate at high frequencies. Essentially, you're sending and receiving energy 'thorns', causing each other emotional and spiritual wounds. These can hurt for a long time, but the exercise below should help.


Try to sort things out before you go to sleep, as this is when negative energy affects you most. To protect yourself, try this visualisation:

  • IMAGINE THERE'S A SCREEN hanging between you and the person you have a problem with. Visualise it going from the ceiling right down to the floor.
  • AS YOU EXHALE, imagine every outward breath channels more energy into the protective screen, making it thicker and thicker.
  • YOU CAN INCREASE THE EFFECT by visualising the screen being made of a solid material, such as lead. Keep doing this until you no longer feel hurt or vulnerable.

How to be less vulnerable

Sometimes we become totally suppressed by another person's energy and can even end up being controlled by it. This can happen when you're run-down and vulnerable to other people's outbursts of negativity. It's then we can become our own worst enemies with our jealousy, self-denial and hatred. Self-awareness is the key here, as is maintaining a positive focus on your life. We're particularly vulnerable to the type of catastrophic energy exchange that can happen in our childhood, when we're still connected to the aura of our parents. If they subject you to comments such as 'Try harder or you'll be left behind,' your aura will develop according to their will, rather than your own. Healers call this 'negative energy programming', and it can make us submissive, almost zombie-like, as adults if not addressed.


If necessary, you can cut your emotional ties to a person, whether the connection is in the past or present, with this simple method:

  • VISUALISE THE PERSON you wish to distance yourself from, or look at a photo of them. Close your eyes and try to remember everything you can about them, their voice, their look, even the way they walk.
  • OPEN YOUR EYES and imagine this person next to you. Feel their presence, then close your eyes and hold on to that image.
  • IMAGINE THEM GROWING SMALLER and smaller, until they become a dot, which then literally melts into an infinite distance.
  • NOW IMAGINE THEM AGAIN, but this time visualise strings of energy stretching from your love power centre (in your chest) and vitality power centre (in the solar plexus, or lower stomach) towards them. See them diminishing again, but still hanging from the strings like a puppet.
  • VISUALISE CUTTING THE STRINGS to that person, and as they diminish, their shape blurs into a figure of eight, a symbol of infinity and their distance from you.

Now that you're more aware of how negative energy exchanges can affect you, it's time to stop being their victim. Remember that no one has the power to influence you negatively if you keep your aura strong and refuse to allow other people to gain power over you. We always have a choice whether or not to engage in a good or bad energy exchange. Practise my protection exercises, which will help you stay on top of even the most challenging situations, and, as the month goes by, take special note of people who drain you, and also those with overpowering positive energy, and prepare yourself for contact with both. Remember: an act of protection should not be based on fear, but on self-respect.

Next month I'll be looking at exercises to boost both your physical and spiritual strength.

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