The ultimate life-changing detox

The ultimate life-changing detox

In the fifth and final part of her series, energy healer Alla Svirinskaya says taking time to reflect is the key to maintaining a sense of well-being

Putting aside time to get in touch with our deepest feelings isn't usually at the top of most people's to-do listsIt's easy to be swept along by daily life or looking after others, but it's vital to connect with your emotions in order to maintain well-being Here's how to stay true to yourself.

If you've been working through my physical and emotional detox series over the past four months, you should not only be feeling revitalised, but will also be well on the way to discovering your own unique 'energy identity.' This is what happens when all the energy centres in your body are in balance
Our personal energy field has several energy depots, which I refer to as 'power centres.' Each power centre is a precise monitor or our physical, emotional and mental state, and they all spin at different frequencies. When they're in perfect balance, you radiate health and well-being, but if any of your power centres fall out of harmony, your emotional and physical health may start to suffer

Stay attuned with yourself
Keep this questionnaire close at hand, and complete it every six months to take stock of your power centres. This will help you detect any areas of concern before they become a real problem. Remember to answer the questions with complete honesty.

  1. Do you feel disconnected from your body, as though you aren't quite in it?
  2. Do you often feel insecure and unsafe?
  3. Do you 'escape' through alcohol, drugs or food?
  4. Do you fear change?
  5. Do you feel insecure during social occasions?
  6. Do you tend to fantasise rather than commit to a real relationship?
  7. Do you have to have to have the last word?
  8. Are you a bit aggressive and controlling?
  9. Do you either go along with the crowd, or your own way without thinking about the effect it has on other people?
  10. Are you critical of yourself or others?
  11. Do you find you often feel depressed, pessimistic or lonely?
  12. Do you think you get too involved in other people's lives?
  13. Are you frightened of speaking out?
  14. Do you gossip and interrupt a lot? And do you tend to talk rather than listen?
  15. Do you feel you lack creativity?
  16. Do you think you don't dream, or find it difficult to remember your dreams?
  17. Do you have poor memory?
  18. Do you feel as though you're stuck in life, and crave freedom?
  19. Are you often cynical or sceptical?
  20. Do you tend to live in your head and intellect?
  21. Do you suffer from migraines or amnesia?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, read on to find which power centre those questions relate to and how to restore balance to them

Your seven power centres
So what do your answers say about your general well-being?
Q1-3: BASE
You need to reconnect with your body. Take exercise and indulge in a few massages. Develop comforting habits, like chatting to neighbours
Learn to trust and enjoy your senses. Try new food and music, and heal old wounds by pampering yourself
Take some risks. Do sit-ups to build your inner core and sense of stability. Pen a personal mission statement and tell supportive pals your plans.
Q10-12: LOVE
Try breathing exercises and yoga to ease a stifled grief. Start to accept yourself as you areWrite down feelings honestly. Call an old friend.
Be heard! Sing, chant or shout to free your voice. Release tension with Pilates or massage and rehearse what you say to people in advance
Q16-18: WISDOM
Engage your creative self. Take up painting, keep a dream diary and try meditation or guided visualisation
Be open to spirituality and new experiences. Support a charity or start gardening. Be kind to yourself

I hope the knowledge I've shared with you in this column will be as useful to you as it has been to me. May it help you on to your unique path to health and well-being.

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