The ultimate life-changing detox

The ultimate life-changing detox

In the fourth part of her series, energy healer Alla Svirinskaya shows you how to boost your energy through what you eat and who you see.


The secret to maintaining energy levels is to follow your instinct. If you have a natural instinct for healthy self-preservation, you're likely to have balanced energy. You won't feel tempted to eat unhealthy junk food, and will find it harder to connect with people you feel disturbed around or live in a place that has negative energy. This instinctive power needs to be protected.

We can lose intuition when we become toxic, which happens when we do things in excess and abuse our bodies. In last month's exercises you worked hard at cleansing your mind and body, so you should already be quite attuned to what feels good or bad in your life.

This month, respect your body by following an energy-enhancing diet. It's important to balance your body's pH levels. Most fungus and bacteria are acidic and breed toxins, so try to eat more alkaline foods, such as green vegetables, garlic and almonds. Everything you consume is charged with energy, and therefore affects your own energy levels. Food energy can be light and positive, as in healthy, organic food, or negative and dense, as in junk food.

You can also save energy by avoiding draining situation. If you were to measure how much of your life force has been used up attending needless meetings and enduring empty conversations, you'd probably ask yourself: 'Why am I doing this?' Instead, meet up with small groups of people who really matter to you. Go through your address book and try to work out who enriches your life and who just drains your energy. Let go of people you no longer have a genuine connection with, send them love and thank them in your mind for having been in your life.

Practise unconditional love for your parents. They're also on a learning curve in their lives, so don't judge them too harshly. I believe our souls choose parents who will challenge us according to the lessons we have to learn in life. So we need to work through things with them, even when these relationships get difficult.

Another simple way to preserve your energy is by dropping high expectations. Don't ask for or demand particular behaviour or results from others. We often complain that life is dull and boring, but it could be that you need to create space for fresh energy to enter your present.

It's a misconception that you need to store energy to save it. What's actually important is keeping your mind open so you don't miss opportunities, being able to continuously receive light, or positive energy, from nourishing food and people, and having the ability to let go of negative things.

It's important to close the past so you can attract new energies, unfettered by old baggage. Only when energy flows freely in your body and your life will you feel recharged and balanced.

Simple steps to energise your life


Stock up on fresh, seasonal, local food, preferably organic. Base your meals around fruit and veg, adding wholegrains, nuts, seeds and beansprouts. A little lean organic meat and fish is fine, but avoid processed products. Don't demonise food, enjoy small, good-quality amounts of what you fancy, such as real potato crisps or high-cocoa chocolate.


Herbal supplements like ginseng and rhodiola can boost energy. Siberian ginseng is scientifically proven to have a balancing effect on stress, and can help us handle a busy lifestyle. I recommend 200 mg of dried root Siberian ginseng once or twice a day. Rhodiola, also a root, is a natural antidepressant and packed with vitamins. Take 200 mg of rhodiola rosea three times a day with meals to boost energy and sharpen the mind. Stop taking these supplements after three months, they shouldn't be taken continuously for longer. You can start taking them again after another three months, but I'd recommend them only as an occasional pick-me-up if you're feeling run-down or stressed.


Go outside, tilt your head gently upwards and look at the sky. Open your mouth and slowly inhale through your nose, imagining you're drawing in air from the sky above. At the end of the inhalation, swallow, this can take practice. As you swallow, visualise the life energy of the inhaled air spreading through you. Exhale through your nose and repeat up to three times.


Do this breathing meditation to connect with your priorities. Sit comfortably in a quiet, calm place. Let your breathing relax. Breathe in and ask: 'What is the most important thing in my life?' Breathe out and ask again. Do this for about three minutes. Everything will become clear and ordered.

Next month I'll be looking at what it means to reflect and self-heal.

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