From Russia with Love

Energy healer Alla Svirinskaya is much in demand for her remarkable healing powers and traditional Russian methods for energy clearing. Tania Ahsan spoke to the talented healer about her practices.

Here is a bit of disclosure: I am a massive fan of Alla Svirinskaya. Ever since I read her book Energy Secrets (recently released in a new edition by Hay House, see the box opposite for a Kindred Spirit reader offer), I have practiced her tips for optimal health as much as I possibly can. Seeing her presenting at a packed auditorium at the MBS show in May, it was interesting to note that one of the first things she spoke about was commitment to doing the whole programme rather than picking and choosing the easiest bits. Her ideas about this are holistic to the core; there is no point having a pristine environment if you're eating junk food and arguing with negative people. It has to be a joined-up approach.

This inclusive approach is also reflected in her background. She is medically trained and comes from a family of healers who encouraged her to understand the energy physiology that must also be addressed for good health. " I think orthodox medicine is the science of disease and not the science of health," she explains. " You see the doctor and you say that you have a particular symptom or concern and they prescribe medication. It is symptomatic stuff; they do not always look at the cause. There is not much of a preventative aspect from my point of view. Orthodox medicine says health is when you don't have symptoms but I think the holistic point of view has a much deeper understanding of what health is; it is more than just not having physical symptoms, it's a sense of well-being, you feel energised and you continue to evolve and master yourself. In my eyes, that's a healthy individual."
She describes her prescriptions for energetic health as being 'hygiene at a deeper level'. Like brushing your teeth or showering, she says that keeping ones energy clear is a sign of self respect and a good measure for staying healthy. " It's a very important aspect of that, hygiene on that level. If you carry negative emotions, you keep polluting the energy around you and you download that onto your kids, husband or wife. People have a very low expectation of how they should feel. They say things like 'my energy is low, I'm forty now'. What do you mean by that? These are wrong ideas that at a certain age, you start feeling a certain way. This is low expectation about how well we should feel. Having this low bracket is not normal; feeling sluggish in winter is an excuse, it's not normal."

Alla herself is a picture of health, all rosy cheeks and clear skin. She grew up in communist Russia where both her grandmother and mother quietly provided healings for neighbours and friends. In the system that she works with, a person's aura has seven layers, three of which represent your physical, emotional and mental energy. She provides bio-energy balancing to harmonise these important levels. However, she's very keen to point out that she works in a team with her patients to create optimal health. They are not allowed to come to her and drop the problem in her lap for her to solve. In fact if, after the second session with her, her clients don't see an improvement in their health, she terminates the sessions. " Sometimes people get a bombshell diagnosis from a doctor or practitioner and a strong symptom of that is you go into a victim state and think 'poor me' and have fear. They disengage from their inner sensibility and the ability to make decisions for their treatment is completely diminished. The energy of the disease is strong and so they go to the doctor and say 'help me'. They want the doctor to take responsibility for their health but, in this way, the chance for a proper cure is diminished. This is you. It is your problem so you have to be part of the team, not presenting it to your doctor or practitioner. My patients are in a team with me. I don't want people to be dependent, I don't want disciples either."
She keeps a level-headed approach to her work and is not evangelical. Because there is little by way of a new age sensibility with her, she draws her clients from all walks of life and many of them are sceptics who are converted by results rather than by anything she says or promotes. Given her impossibly long waiting list, her books are a good way to access the system she uses in energy balancing. I read her book a number of years back and began the program in summer. Alla is mystified by why we in the West decide to do our detoxes in winter, at the start of the new year; energy-wise, it makes more sense to start your plan for good health in spring or summer as your body is in the right cycle to eliminate toxins through sweating and you're much more inclined to be active as well.
Faster vibrations
When I ask Alla about the belief that we are energetically heading toward a climax point in the next couple of years, she has an interesting take on it. " We are surrounded by an electromagnetic field and our energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Computers radiate an electromagnetic field that is 600-700 times faster [frequency] than our aura. We are bombarded with vibrations and that causes it to go faster and unhinges the normal level of frequency.
" We're surrounded by Wifi even in cafés, we're absolutely surrounded by that. Elements of that exposure are incredibly fast. Our perception of time changes, our perceptions of how we feel, it even alters our brainwaves. So we're not grounded and experience super internal racing." Could it be that this sense of quickening that many of us feel as we head towards 2012 is based in these energetic disturbances? That we need to slow down and ground ourselves? It is definitely interesting food for thought.
Alla herself works hard on staying grounded and clear so that the channel through which she heals others remains pure and she doesn't end up using her own energy to heal. She also remembers the importance of switching off from work. "My work is my passion and I have been blessed to build up a practice but I am a mother as well and I have to remember not to neglect that aspect of myself. Having a good time with my daughter is healing as well and is core to me as a mother and a woman. Some people try to connect with feminine energy but neglect their children and husbands but quality time with their kids, time with their husbands and loved ones is part of healing and part of their purpose."

Alla's exercise for recharging your energy with a candle
I would like to share with you an excellent exercise using a candle. This is a potent pick-me-up. I advise you use it on a regular basis and particularly if you're feeling tired or need some energy.

Light a beeswax candle and sit next to it.

Place your right palm above the flame so you can feel the heat but not burn yourself.
Now move your hand above the flame as if you were trying to gather the flame in your hand, it's a scooping, gathering movement as if you were scooping water up into your hand.
When you feel you have absorbed enough energy into your palm, close your fingers as if you were grasping the flame close.
Twist your hand so your palm is facing upward and then open your fingers. Imagine the energy of the heat you have taken form a ball; try to feel it in your palm.
Imagine this ball as vividly and brightly as you possibly can. Then very delicately move your hand behind you back (still holding the image in your head and in your hand) down to the base of your spine.
Now imagine that you bounce the ball and release it into your coccyx.

The ball goes into your spine and unrolls itself up along your spine, like a carpet being rolled out or a ball of wool unravelling. As it moves up your spine it becomes a bright golden cord, like a ray of light. It shares its light with your spine and radiates energy out from your spine into the rest of your body.

As it moves up your spine the ball becomes smaller and smaller. When it reaches the top of your head (the crown chakra) it has become a golden dot. This dot is released through the top of your head.

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